Building Green

Yeti-Construction is proud to announce that we have expanded our service to the latest in environmentally friendly and Eco building practice's available today.  From the tools we use during the process; to the paints to the lumber that is only milled from sustainable, and government certified renewable forest, to wind, solar, and water saving solutions to your home or business.

Quality People

Anyone who has ever had work done in their home understands the uncertainty that comes with having a stranger in your home.  Here at Yeti Construction we understand, rest assured that we have the highest quality service professionals in the industry.  How do we Know?  Each of our employees have a minimum of 700 credit score, absolutely no criminal history, clean driving record, and have passed our intensive background and interview process.  All of our managers meet these requirements along with a college degree.  


Full Service Specialized General contractor

  • At Yeti-Construction we know that every client is different and every home is special, that's why we have built the custom team that we have to make sure we have the knowledge, experience and ability to handle every job we control.  The more specialized and challenging the more we LOVE IT!
  • Insurance Work- Yes all construction companies offer to do insurance work, but only a few have the trained staff and state requirements to settle your claim for you.  Your insurance company is never on your side, and without the proper training and experience they will do everything they can to pay you less then your deserve and less then it will take to repair your home or business.  Our roots are in the insurance industry.   If you're thinking of hiring a public adjuster to take on your insurance company or think you can take them on alone, think again.  Public adjusters will take as much as 18% of your claim and Lawyers closer to 33%!  That's your money you need to repair your home or property.  Don't give it away, reinvest back into your property.  Call us today!
  • Fire, Flood, deodorization, accidents, act of God.  whatever has caused damage to your home or business we can more than handle it while providing the best customer service in the industry.  
  • New construction - Decks, additions, four season rooms, exteriors, roofs, windows, we can handle them all.  Along with our computerized design and layout, we can show you what your property will look like before we even start the construction process along with a complete line by line estimate for what everything is going to cost.  No surprises here!
  • Professional interior designers, engineers, or graphic artist to help you every step of the way.  If designing, inspiration or coordinating isn't your thing, no worries, we have the trained staff that can help provide you with a full color design to show you what you can look forward to having in your home, long before it comes to aspiration.  

Timely Service

At Yeti Construction we understand that your time is the most valuable non replaceable asset you have,  and we respect it.  As the old saying goes "time is money".  We strive to make sure we are on time or early to every meeting and appointment we set. Our fully trained Project Managers can give you  a timeline of events and deadlines for your job, along with daily notes on site to keep you fulling informed weather you home or away during your project.