Ever wanted to have that carefree lifestyle, or maybe that easy to maintain getaway lodge? Or maybe you have seen the TV show "Tiny House Nation" and have always wondered what it would be like to live without worry.  Or maybe you're ready for a change and looking towards retirement.  With eco-friendly, durability, and functionality as the main focal point in all we do rest assured knowing you have years of worry-free living ahead of you with Yeti Construction!  We can custom design, build, or simply install your tiny home.  

Custom Tiny home designer and builder.


 Feeling more adventuress than a tiny home but stile love the idea?  Then maybe a Tree house is for you. If you have ever watched the hit TV series "Tree House Masters" then you know these are not the tree houses of your childhood.  Our tree houses are fully sustainable and livable without the need for a separate house. Whether you want on the grid or off the grid lifestyle in either the tree house or tiny house rest assured there is none tougher than a Yeti home!  We can install a conventional, compost or incinerator toilet system, powered by solar, RV, direct wire, wind or geo we can make your every wish come true.  We can even install a well, cistern or freshwater system. 

We even take some of our tiny       homes to new levels! #Tree houses!!